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In addition to our annual Rally, we also organize smaller events. In order to inspire our youngest fans and to bring people back together.


Learn more about our events that we are holding in Europe’s hottest cities.

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runball rally

The Runball Rally is not a race or timed event as most assume.


The vision of Runball is to create a sense of family in the lifestyle, and all the usual high-octane ruckus and fun shenanigans, the Runball Rally event gained greater traction with each passing year to become an annual trendsetting lifestyle brand.

Each year we will gather to rally through an epic seven-day adventure held in Europe. At Runball, we are trying to bring all petrol heads from all over the world together for an unforgettable, insane journey. Things you can expect are beautiful road-views, extreme live sports action, exclusive parties, and of course, lots of driving.

Event facts


  • Hosted in Europe
  • Our main event
  • 1 Week
  • True Runball Family feeling (Think Fast and The Furious 1)
  • Win one of our wide range of different Awards that we have lined-up for our events.
    Can you collect them all?!
  • Business Network oppertunities

Event Details


  • 1 WEEK
  • 4 and 5 Stars Hotel Accommodations
  • First-Class Breakfast
  • Secured Parking for your car during the week
  • Free Entrance to all planned events during the Runball Rally week
  • Professional and Unique Runball Roadbook
  • Professional Media Team
  • Day-by-Day wicked Runball Gifts
  • Complete Runball Rally Sticker Pack
  • 24/7 Support during the week
  • Premium Runball Membership access
  • Two official Runball Rally T-shirts
  • Win exclusive Runball Rally Awards during Runball Rally!
    Voting is done by other Runballers



  • Hotel booking at the start location
  • Book extra day(s) at the finish location
  • Premium carcleaning service
  • Runball Luggage Service
    Let our Velvet Serice take care of the transportation of your luggage
  • Back by Truck Transportation for your car


Learn more about our events that we are holding in the Benelux region with the exception of the French Ardennes.

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Since 2018, a yearly One Day Tour was added to our events. Two successful Halloween Editions at Benelux in October made way for our future expansion of a five-days event. The five-day events will take place in the Benelux region (with exception of France Ardennes).


the halloween edition

fueled by runball rally

A special one day event dedicated to all those who love the automotive scene and Halloween.

Event Details


  • Hosted in the Benelux region
  • 1 Day
  • Halloween Themed Rally
  • Win an exclusive Halloween award
  • Business Network oppertunities


new concept coming soon

fueled by runball rally

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