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For the past 9 years, Runball Rally Europe has welcomed participants from all over the world. We bring our Runballers an ultra epic week of driving through one of the most beautiful scenic back roads that Europe has to offer.

Participants often tell us that our unique Runball atmosphere is one of our most substantial assets.

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All official sponsors and partners of the Runball Rally benefit from exposure at our events and social networks throughout the period of the relationship.

Runball Awards

We would like to offer our years of expertise to create an exclusive tour with your beloved customers in consultation with your brand.

Spirit of Runball

Dedicated to all Runballers who truly represent
their love, passion and determination
of the brand from start to finish.

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Are you ready to participate in the event which will transcend time,

through unforgettable memories and stories to share with others?!!


The Runball Rally is an adrenaline-packed, high-octane fueled trip with vibrant lifestyle events. The drive and ride of exhilarating horsepower engines beneath your seat over intriguing distances during the day, will have you looking forward to our designated party places in the evening.

At our parties, Runballers take the opportunity to network in a fun and stunning atmosphere, and to connect about the day's route and drive.

Runball knows how to throw a party, and a party done right every-night.

The runball family
one family
Our participants tell us that they experience a growing camaraderie amongst Runballers in one event, and those connections remain as a sort of second family.

When people sharing the same passion, get together and drive from city to city,
country to country, somewhere along the way, a bond develops that is stronger than just friends or acquaintances, they become family.

Show people who you are behind the wheel by customizing your rally car.
Make it uniquely you, and you may win one of our exclusive Runball Awards.

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