The countdown has already begun to our 7th edition.

runball rally


Do you see yourself as Zeus or do you think you are Superman?
Keep in mind, there can only be one batman or one Poseidon.

If you want to live your dream, be quick, once you are the chosen one,
nobody can copy you. We look forward to our “Best Theme Award”.

As Achilles said: immortality, take it, it’s yours!!

Runball Show

Let us bring people back together


Come meet the Runballers at each beautiful city, during our Epic Public Car Display Shows.

Each event will be announced on our

we create amazing memories, that will last forever

Drive all day
Party all night

Runballers are remarkable people, they are like Mavericks.
they don’t follow trends, they create ’em!

an explosion of madness is coming your way. are you ready?!

every great adventure
deserves a great arrival

the runballers don’t demand attention, they command it.

hand picked premium hotels incl. first-class breakfast

4 & 5 stars hotel

not only are you able to network during the event,
runball rally offers you a real driving holiday experience.

including one day off during the week, the perfect way to refuel your body.

optional service

From Athens

Back by truck

Back by Truck: Transport from Athens
an optional service: on request country of your choice is possible.
Contact us for more details.

our participants say we are like
"the fast and the furious"
but in real life.

join the
runball family

Come DENT THE UNIVERSE with us on our 7th journey!


Enjoy the most scenic routes, and adventures. 
Are you ready to participate in the event which will transcend time,
through unforgettable memories and stories to share with others?!!

Meet Our Sponsors

They Believe In Us

Runball Rally associates your brand / company with one of the most creative events of the year. 

runball rally
Sep 11-18, 2021

greek gods vS. superheroes