The Tuscane Experience

10 − 17 June 2023

Foundation Award
Luxurious Award
Experience Award
Family & Friendship Award

The magic of italy

Runball Rally continues its duty to elevate the rally game year after year. We invite you to feel the adrenaline of the Runball Rally 2023: The Tuscany Experience! 

Luxurious Runball hotels

From exclusive beachside resorts to villas with their own private pools! We’ve got you covered with the most luxurious hotels in the world.


Fire up those engines and prepare for an amazing adrenaline-fueled rally! We take you from Belgium to Italy. We will create a startline surrounded by fans and enthusiasts!! Yes, Runball Rally 2023 will amaze you and will bring you to a diversity of landscapes and regions that will create stories that will last forever.

The Amalfi Coast Line

Deemed an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape by Unesco, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most memorable destinations.

Turquoise seas and cinematic piazzas aside, the region is home to some of Italy’s finest hotels and restaurants.

Pagani Museum & Factory Tour,
A Track Day, and more!

A guided tour at the Pagani Automobili factory and museum. Enter at the Pagani Automobili means enter in an “art studio”. You will not see mechanical production lines but skilled workers and their hands. This because Pagani cars are all handmade. Here you can really feel and understand what the “made in Italy” means.

Rome more, worry less

If history is out there somewhere, it’s in Rome. You will find buildings from bygone times, places where beautiful stories are told and life-size works of art by the world’s greatest masters. In this beautiful city, we will end Runball Rally 2023 with a bang.

Runball Family

Saying that we are a Family is an understatement. We are known for the special bond our Ballers create during the Runball Rally. You may know nobody at the beginning, but we’ll make sure, at the end of the week you’ll see and feel you are family. It’s what we represent… It’s who we are…

Spectacular selected roads & Mountain passes

Let’s discover the most spectacular routes together as a group. We searched for the most insane, cool roads and mountain passes. Trust us, when we tell you, you will be amazed along the way! Feel the adrenaline, look at the views and enjoy the ride!

Meeting Points

If you have a lot of kilometers ahead of you, it’s possible you get a little bit behind the rest of the group. That is why we will provide meeting points, where we can have lunch, take a group photo or enjoy a beautiful view. In such a way that we bring the group back together and we can continue the adventure as one.

Award Ceremony &
Final Dinner

Enjoy the last evening together during our annual award ceremony and enjoy the delicious gastronomic dinner that will be served to you. Cheers to our friendship and welcome to the family!

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