What type of charitable project are we looking to support?

We want to support projects that are tangible. We want to support projects that impact entire communities. Although we give priority to projects that benefit women and children, what we really look at is the long-term benefit to an entire community. Projects that serve basic human needs in the developing world are given priority because we can accomplish the most there with the money that we raise.

What are our criteria for charitable organizations?

We’re looking for organizations with a proven track record for their previous projects – at least four years. And we want you to be able to communicate with us before, during, and after the project so we can see just how the money we raise is put to use.

We support EU / USA based not-for-profit organizations that have no religious affiliation and can accept funds via PayPal.

If this sounds like it might be a fit for your organization, we invite you to fill out our contact form.