Let's celebrate
your Participation

We're honored to celebrate each milestone that one of our participators reach. Learn more about the Baller Milestone Awards and Benefit Levels Program below. Login to redeem your Baller Award.

benefit levels

In the Ballers benefit program, with each new Runball Rally edition you participate in, new benefit levels will unlock. These benefits include all sorts of perks, from exclusive page access, vip+ treatments to unique awards, and a whole lot more.

Starting with Baller benefits – which are open to all participants of our events?

milestone awards

Loyal Runballers deserves to be celebrated! Join Runball Rally 5 years in a row and you’ll earn a Silver Runball Milestone Award.


Reach 10 Years in a row and you’ll receive a Gold Runball Milestone Award. And if you hit the PRESTIGE 15 years in a row  you’ll score a glittering Diamond Runball Milestone Award.