About Us

The Runball Rally is not a race or timed event as most assume. The vision of Runball started back in 2013, after our founder had been active in the automotive lifestyle scene for more than eight years. Upon realizing that the industry is mostly unwelcoming to newcomers, and generally unsupportive in answering questions, receiving feedback, sharing insider tips – he decided to create an event with a sincere focus on creating community amongst fellow car enthusiasts. More than community, our founder aspired to create a sense of family, an accepting family, no matter the amount of wealth one holds, they too would be welcomed and become a part of the family.

Runball values member and participant feedback for each event, and prioritizes responding to those taking the time to share their thoughts. To go beyond daily responding to feedback, a 24/7 support contact was put in place to provide immediate service to those with questions, suggestions or concerns.

The vision for a sense of family in the lifestyle, and all the usual high-octane ruckus and fun shenanigans, the Runball Rally event gained greater traction with each passing year to become an annual trendsetting lifestyle brand. The brand grew with official partnerships and licensing collaborations including Jaguar, Land Rover, Instagram, Monster Energy, and Red Bull. Runball Rally not only established itself as the premiere automotive lifestyle rally, but also as an international public display for the prominent guests it attracts.

The annual Runball Rally is about creating the most ultra epic, seven-day adventure, hosted in wonderful cities around the world. It is about bringing people together who share a common passion, interest, and curiosity for automotives. A road trip where petrol-heads can be themselves and discover new places, people and sites, traveling alongside others who spark the same enthusiasm. It is about creating opportunity for those car enthusiasts who wish they could take time away to just drive in their sports/supercar. We give them a reason to put it in gear, and just drive with us. It is a way to escape the office and digital world and hop into something visceral. Along our curated beautiful routes, we create an atmosphere of extreme excitement with numerous public displays and stunning parties. We go beyond the glamorous and flamboyant (although we do that too) to build lasting connections among our Runball Family, outside of our events. The reasons for loving your ride, are the reasons we want you to join us.

We continue to expand the Runball experience with day events. We love seeing that our brand is bringing people together from all different ages and backgrounds, i.e., young children to the elderly, and everyone in between. We enjoy bringing smiles to people’s faces when our cars exhibit power through engine revving and take off, and their individual personalities showcased within themed events. We are in the business of making memorable moments for those who come out to see our send-offs, displays, and end route arrivals.

Many kids become fans of particular teams they took photos with at our events, and track the teams year to year online and in person. Our participants truly inspire the next generation in automotive hobby and lifestyle.