XENUM are innovative lubricants, additives and techno-chemicals, designed for professional mechanics, race engineers and car lovers. We aim to develop the best products – for maximum performance, fuel savings, reliability and reduced emissions.

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Xenum: a challenge in ‘Techno-Chemicals’.

Xenum are creative lubricants and ‘Techno-Chemical’ products for automotive, boating, motorbikes and industry.

Xenum is ambitious in a market with competitive players. What are the resources we have? What separate us from the competitors?

1. Highest quality and flexibility.

We are aiming to develop the best performing products. We collaborate with top laboratories over the world jointly with the greatest experts in each field. We look carefully to the market and are close to our customers. All suggestions, comments and ideas are cautiously listened to. If we can improve a product, we will not hesitate. This is how we can continue to challenge the competitors.

2. Strong marketing.

A product is not ‘simply’ content, it also has to appeal. So we like to have products that are ‘sexy’ and show their technology at the same time as they are different from the competitors. Effective and creative communication trough website, media, events and point of sales promotion.  Parallel to our cooperation with leading laboratories for the content aspect, we have a partnership with a ‘top’ creative agency: What if… We decide in concert how the products should look and how we get them to the customer.

3. Technical information and support.

Our products are ‘High Tech’ developments; consequently the consumer may possibly need guidance. Right applications or the right product on the right place, allow engines and machinery to perform better, save power (fuel) and gain in reliability and endurance. We propose our distributors, customers and partners support and after sales services as well as customised technical and commercial training programs.

4. Ecology: last but not least…

‘Techno-Chemicals’ are ‘high-tech’: present and future technology. Our environment is a key issue in the development of the products: they are biodegradable where possible and they will help to reduce energy & fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gasses like CO2. This is part of our mission statement and our investment in the future and the world.

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website: www.xenum.com
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