Big or Small SignMania Wraps it All

The kings of vehicle branding, SignMania can wrap anything that stands still for long enough.. cars, dirtbikes, boats even private jets. Wrapping of cars will become a huge momentum for Runball. That’s why we want to provide our Runballers the quality and workmanship of SignMania, because SignMania stands head and shoulders above the rest in our opinion – just look at their awesome and wicked designs!

Introduction by SignMania

The wrapping of cars is now no longer unknown to the general public. Wrapping allows a car to turn into a new color or a custom print design. With a color change, we use only the highest quality films and art production. This allows a vehicle to be in a completely different color and any special color accents. Also in the range are foils not standing still, it’s no longer just mat that glitters! In printwrappings our designers are the ones who do everything to the make imagination of the customer into reality. Here we always try to exceed your expectations. A custom design with us is more than just a selling point!


When a customer decides to provide us a color change to his car, we always ask first to come by with the car. That way we can overflow possibilities together. By default, the insides of doors are not wrapped. It is possible to take a large portion of the wrap toward the inside, but it is becoming increasingly discussed personally. Each car has its own forms and obstacles.


Wrapping can be pulled along by window frames and other finishing accessories by wrapping it in the same color or in another contrasting hue. This is always overflowing with our customers. Wrapping crafts which we continue to deliver within the technical possibilities the highest quality possible.


If you choose for a custom design and print our designers work out a custom design out first. We discuss this in person with the client and we adapt till both parties stand 100% behind the design. Custom we take literally in every sense of the word. These projects should be able to provide visually everything the customer dreams. The power of a good design is that anything goes, whatever style is requested. With us, already all the stops to create something go out uniquely.


Every car that comes to us for a wrapping is in the first stage always discomposed of annoying accessories like door handles, molds, lights, etc.. This removal is always performed by a recognized body specialist. So our customers have the absolute guarantee that only craftsmanship happens to the car. We never cut on the body, but we use a friendly piant cutting tape at critical locations. This cuts from the inside out so that there is never a risk of damage.


Finally wrapping is not only an optical embellishment. One -wrapped car is better protected against external influences. Also, the existing paint as it were preserved through which he looks exactly like when he was wrapped. We work daily to achieve high quality finished products.

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