concierge service

Luggage transport


The Runball Rally Team wants to make sure you have the best experience during the time you spend with us. Starting from Amsterdam and all the way to Ibiza check your luggage in with the Runball Concierge Team members and it will be secured and sealed waiting for you in the lobby once you get to your next destination. 

AMOUNT 1 1 -
WEIGHT Max. 23 kg Max. 40 kg -
MAX L x H x W 160 cm 225 cm -
TIME The entire rally The entire rally June 1 at the latest
PRICING / BEFORE 15 MAY EUR 150,- EUR 215,- Request Quote
PRICING / AFTER 15 MAY EUR 215,- EUR 350,- Request Quote

Pricing is exclusive 21% VAT. VAT and applicable taxes are subject to change. Runball is entitled to amend the rates accordingly.

Questions & Answers

• Team / Car shipping to the Start Line.

• Team / Car shipping from the Finish Line. (Optional service)

• Full Car Wrapping (Optional service).

• Car Cleaning (Optional service).

• Alcohol, at each VIP Party Tables, are available to buy as an optional extra, which comes with full bottle service. We do not provide alcohol (Optional service).

• Car Insurance, You must have proof that your vehicle is covered for all the territories we travel through.

• Luggage service (Optional service).

• Hotel night the day / night before the official start. (Optional service).

Personal sponsorship for Participant’s vehicle or Participant’s clothing is only permitted with the prior written consent of Runball Staff, which may be withheld in the sole discretion of Runball Staff. Runball Staff reserves the right to refuse unauthorized sponsored vehicles from participating in the Rally.For more in-depth details please contact our support.

Or visit this page for more information: www.runballrally.com/personal-sponsorship/

Official sponsors of the Runball Rally have exclusive rights. In order to ensure those rights are respected, you are required to request approval for each of your personal sponsorships.

Without prior written approval, your team is prohibited from placing any sponsors onto your rally car except official sponsors of the Runball Rally, as stated in our Terms & Conditions.  This ensures that any conflict between two brands promoting the same business is avoided.


EXAMPLE: Red Bull® is the official sponsor of the Runball Rally. Your team has the opportunity to receive sponsorship from Monster Energy® or another energy drink brand. Such sponsorship would cause a conflict with an official sponsor and incur a large penalty for the Runball Rally. Therefore, personal sponsorship for a participant’s vehicle or clothing is only permitted with the prior written consent of Runball and their official sponsors, which may be withheld at the sole discretion of Runball and their sponsors.