At Heinz the goal is to win. And to win you have to innovate. They are looking for solutions to meet your expectations and improve the performance of your car.

The experience of Heinz Performance in “tuning” and improving the performance of your car, along with their race team, provides a creative team able to handle every challenge.
RACING is the birthplace of developments in the automotive industry.
The collaboration betweenHeinzPerformanceandAnthonyKumpenensures that the branch inHasseltteams upwith themost successfulracing teamfromBelgium,PKCarsport.

This makes from Heinz Performance Hasselt the only site in Belgium that has a static engine dyno, a 4×4 hydraulic roller power dyno, a full race structure (including highly skilled engineers and technicians).


Heinz TRACKDAY support

 At Heinz you can get support to service your car (or racecar) for trackdays and races. They have the infrastructure to give you the best technical support.

Beside they help you improve your car for trackdays, mainly increasing power (tuning, intake systems, exhausts, … ), improving brakes, suspension, so your car is perfectly suited for trackdays.

They even offer the possibility to transform your roadcar into a racecar. In collaboration with AMG Belgium they build the first A45 AMG Heinz race version with rollcage, improved suspension, brakes, power curve, lower weight, special tires and rims, …

Some key points:

From 360hp to 425hp and from 450nm to 545nm

From 1445kg to 1320kg

From 0.25hp/kg to 32hp/kg … 28% improvement
From 0.31nm/kg to 41nm/kg … 32% improvement [hr]  [br]

For more pictures check here. [br]  [br]

Heinz can even offer special rates to our customers for Skylimit trackdays at Zolder & Spa.