CrmConnect is an independent car trader specialized in German cars. We supply brand new and first selection cars at the best prices, with warranty! We deliver cars at the best conditions to the private/company’s/car dealers,.. On our new website,, you can find our unique online portal with a wide selection of cars.

What do you expect, from the Runball Rally?

CrmConnect is an active company within the automotive sector with a unique concept that we want to share! 

Runball rally is an event that could be an added value for our company. We want to be seen and communicate our concept to everyone with the same passion! And if we can do this by seeing the best places in Europe, than this is in fact the best sponsorship we could think of!

– We would like to meet new and exciting people, who like cars the way we do. 
– Have a great time travelling down the route to San Sebastian!
– Increase the team spirit of our company and make it unforgettable.


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