Who wants to go for a BBQ ?

May, 23rd is the event’s kick off with an official Runball Rally BBQ followed by one cracking Runball Rally Pre Party. We invited every Runballer to this event! Just for only €35,- you will have a tasty meal with one consumption and a free VIP pass to the Runball Rally Per-fect Pre-Party.

May 23, 2014 – Planning [br] 18:00 – BBQ
20:00 – Reception
22:00 – Runball Rally Per-fect, Pre-Party [br] 
Pick your Flavor (€35,-/Person) [br]MIXED GRILL (Spare Rib, Steak, Chicken, Chipolata) [br]+Salad [br]+ Baked potato [br]+ Sauce [br]+ 1 free drink (beer, wine, soda, ..) [br]OR [br]FISH (Papillot of North Sea fish) [br]+ Boiled Potatoes [br]+ Chardonnay Gravy [br]+ 1 free drink (beer, wine, soda,..)  [br]Address BBQ [br]
Hassotel nv [br] Sint Jozefsstraat 2 [br] 3500 Hasselt [br] Belgium [br][br] 1 REGISTRATION = 1 PERSON