Accreditation form

As Runball Rally organizer we aim to facilitate access by providing accreditation to journalists. Accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of enabling journalistic coverage.



The following persons may receive press accreditation:

1. Holders of a valid press pass from a non-industry affiliated press association, either from Belgium or abroad. 
2. Holders of a valid press pass from a specialist journalists association covering topics of the Runball Rally in question,  either from Belgium or abroad. 
3. Persons from Belgium or abroad who can demonstrate their journalistic (or photojournalistic) activities as follows:

3.1 by presenting the original copy of current articles bearing the author’s name,
3.2 by presenting a current editorial listing printed in a journalistic medium in which the person is named as an editor, or as a member or contributor on the permanent editorial staff,
3.3 by presenting a written, original copy of an editorial job assignment for the trade fair in question,

3.4 by providing a web link to an online publication , of which that person is the originator.
In such cases pre-accreditation is necessary due to an extended verification process.

3.5 by submitting current proof, that a person works for student publications,  or by submitting a valid press pass from a youth press organization.


Furthermore, the Runball Rally organizers reserve the right to conduct further investigations to establish proof of journalistic activities, even if a press pass has been submitted. Legitimation should be submitted in English. In individual cases the Runball Rally organizers reserve the right to additionally request submission of a valid ID containing photographic identification. There is no entitlement to accreditation. The Runball Rally organizers reserve the right to apply the provisions of their internal regulations.